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Stormy spring season

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Sometimes life is like a day in April... Sun is followed by clouds, clouds are followed by rain, rain is followed by wind and wind is followed by sunshine. And all of the sudden we think we're safe and take our sunglasses out when all of the sudden heavy rain starts again!

When the weather changes like this, we dress warmly, take an umbrella or just wear a 90s fisherman's hat - which doesn't look good on anyone, but is once again incredibly fashionable.

But what if it's storming and hailing inside of us ?

What can we do to avoid being knocked down by an emotional hurricane?

Shall we run away?

Running away to Costa Rica for instance is not going to work (or maybe only for a short time), because our uncomfortable emotions will follow us anywhere on this planet. More so, the more we reject our feelings, the stronger they will get eventually.

So, how can we protect us with an emotional umbrella that provides us with safety, protects us from rain and wind, that has a span like a full-grown eagle, but folds up small enough to fit in any pocket, no matter how small?

In the next few weeks, we will take a look at these little helpers, which - when used correctly - can achieve great things.

Today: Why spring is the best time to fall in love

Of course, you can't just buy romantic emotions at the supermarket. But spring is definitely the season where you should go through the world open-eyed and with an open heart. Nature frees itself from the cold winter and puts on its most beautiful, flowery dress. Everywhere flowers blossom and we can be inspired by it: Even the harshest winter comes eventually to an end.

Energy flows where attention goes

We can always reinvent ourselves, wake up from hibernation and enjoy the small and big miracles of nature.

When we do this and focus on the positive sides, to the beauty in life that is right in front of us, we can attract the beautiful and positive things eventually as well. A positive mindset on life may not be easy for us to find from one day to the other..

But in the spirit of "energy flows where attention goes" it can be practiced and always improved.

How about you smile at someone you like - the risk of getting a smile back is high!

Maybe speak to someone nice or give a compliment - the joy of the other person will capture you as much as him or her.

Welcome dear May, we are looking forward to seeing you!

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