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Sexual therapy

Sexuality can spark the joy of life, sensuality, and pleasure. But it can also cause disappointment, pain and sadness: For example, when you do not feel pleasure or think that you do not satisfy your own needs or those of your partner. There can be various causes for these problems in your sexuality.

Sexual topics are no taboo for us

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In the sexual therapy of Oh yes baby yes we get to the root of these causes. In our meetings, we set shared goals with you and work out the necessary steps to achieve them. You can talk to us about anything. In Johanna Janku you will find:

  • a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics who knows the medical background,

  • a sex therapist who works in accordance with the Sexocorporel approach, and 

  • an empathetic listener to whom you can ask all your questions.


from Clients

Just visited this not- like-everybody-else doctor yesterday 🤩 It is great to see big differences in practices compared to old fashioned set-in standards 💪“



Why sexual therapy?

Sexuality is continuously transforming. Major life events such as a disease, surgeries, the beginning of a new relationship, pregnancy and delivery, as well as natural aging processes, influence us and can lead to disruptions in our sexuality. 

Signs of a limited sexuality are, among others:

  • You feel less desire for sex.

  • You have a dry vagina.

  • You have pain during sexual intercourse.

  • You avoid sexual activity.

  • Your sexual life affects your relationship.

  • You are unable to orgasm.

The sexual therapy at Oh yes baby yes is for women, amongst others:

  • who experience pain during sexual intercourse

  • who have experienced sexual trauma,

  • who have difficulties feeling pleasure,

  • who have problems with their body or gender, 

  • who have sexual problems with their partner,

  • who suffer from cancer,

  • who are receiving medication that limits sexuality or desire,

  • who have had surgery (for example, hip replacement surgery), or

  • who do not feel satisfied sexually


In sex counseling, we help you to come to terms with your sexuality despite difficult circumstances.

Clients come to Oh yes baby yes for the following reasons:

  • My partner always wants to have sex and I feel pressured.

  • I am afraid that my partner will leave me if I don't have sex with them.

  • I have never had an orgasm and don't know what it feels like.

  • My partner and I have been together for a long time. Sex has taken a backseat for us.

  • I always dream about another sexual partner. 

  • Since having children I or my partner have less sexual desire.

  • I feel pain during sexual intercourse since I gave birth 

  • Due to the hormonal changes caused by the pill/birth/menopause, my sexual desire has changed.


What can I expect from sexual therapy or counseling?

Sexual therapy is divided into several steps. First, we discuss sexual difficulties. A range of questions will help us develop the goal of the treatment together: Which direction are we taking? Where do we want to go? 


Sexual skills can be learned. In sex therapy, we focus on already existing skills and help you to develop them further with concrete questions and exercises. Following the Sexocorporel model, we focus on physical strategies to influence your sexual arousal, your experience of pleasure, and your fears. After all, the ultimate foundation for achieving sexual satisfaction is to accept yourself and feel comfortable in your own body.


A treatment can last several weeks or several months. It is important to know that these do not include nudity or genital touching. Sex therapy is offered for individuals; for couples, we offer couples therapy.


You are not alone with your experience

Women are often left alone with their concerns when their sexuality is limited due to physical illnesses such as cancer. Are you in a similar situation yourself? In the sex counseling of Oh yes baby yes you will find a safe place to talk about taboo topics and express your sexual desires - all without shame.

How much does sex counseling cost?

An initial sex counseling session takes 90 minutes.

Further consultations in sexual counseling are 50 minutes.

Cost overview:

  • Initial consultation: CHF 295 / 90 minutes. The cost also includes preparation and follow-up by us. 

  • Follow-up consultations: CHF 245 / 50 minutes

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Our practice is open all day on Fridays. Consultation is available by appointment.
I look forward to seeing you!

Johanna Janku

Gynecologist and sex therapist

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