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Couples therapy

Couples therapy at Oh yes baby yes is for people with different problems in their relationship. In couples therapy, we guide the couple to work through existing conflicts and to re-establish a lost sense of teamwork.

It helps to identify desires and needs, thereby developing a fulfilling relationship.

Why couples therapy?


Couples therapy is for couples with problems in their relationship. There are various reasons for couples to seek therapy or counseling:

  • Psychological or physical disease of you or your partner

  • Desire to have children or different ideas about family planning

  • Disputes and disagreements in raising children

  • Lack of trust, jealousy, and infidelity

  • Pregnancy

  • Desire for an open relationship from one partner

  • Misunderstandings in communication

  • Different ideas in the relationship or in sexuality

  • Difficulties with arousal and orgasm


What can I expect from couples therapy or counseling?

We use the first sessions to get to know each other, to define a shared goal, and then to work out ways in which the couple can achieve their goal.


In couples therapy we do not make any diagnoses. Oh yes baby yes helps to promote the communication between the couple and achieve the mutually defined goal.


Couples counseling can help to improve the way you communicate desires and concerns. It can also help to rebuild the bond between you and your partner.


How much does couples counseling cost?

An initial couples counseling session takes up to 110 minutes.

Further consultations in couples counseling are 90 minutes.

Cost overview:

  • Initial consultation: CHF 345 / 110 minutes. The cost also includes preparation and follow-up by us. 

  • Follow-up consultations: CHF 295 / 80 minutes

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Our practice is open all day on Fridays. Consultation is available by appointment.

I look forward to seeing you!

Stanislav Gregory

Psychologist and couples therapist

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