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Martha Stewart never wears underwear, only swimsuits – that's according to a gynecologist.

Martha Stewart never wears underwear, only swimsuits – that's according to a gynecologist Martha Stewart doesn't wear underwear. Instead, she opts for swimsuits and bikini bottoms. We asked a gynecologist if that can be good.

Martha Stewart foregoes underwear – at least conventional ones. Instead of lace panties or cotton briefs, she chooses swimwear. She told "Page Six" magazine: "I love swimsuits. I like to wear them under my clothes, just in case I want to go swimming."

That might make sense on vacation, but daily? Martha Stewart explains: "Swimsuits are my underwear. I don't wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no Skims [Editor's note: Kim Kardashian's underwear brand] for Martha."

Here's what a gynecologist says

We asked gynecologist Dr. med. Johanna Janku if wearing swimwear daily is good or bad for you.

Dr. Janku, what effects can wearing polyester swimwear instead of underwear have on vaginal health?

Wearing bikini bottoms or swimsuits made of polyester instead of underwear can influence the vaginal flora and lead to a pH shift in the vagina, making it more susceptible to infections.

How does wearing swimwear make the vagina more susceptible to infections?

The synthetic fabric is less breathable than cotton and can thus promote the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Especially wet swimwear provides an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms and can lead to skin problems such as irritations and inflammations (including dermatitis) and vaginal infections. It's best to change wet swimwear immediately.

So, would you not recommend wearing bikini bottoms instead of underwear?

It's not a direct health hazard for people who don't have a tendency to recurring infections. However, overall, the disadvantages of wearing bikini bottoms outweigh the benefits for vaginal health in my opinion. It's perfectly acceptable to occasionally wear dry or even wet swimwear – but it should be limited in time.

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