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No, you don't need a facial for your vagina.

The term "Vagacial" is a combination of "Vagina" and "Facial," but it actually represents an intensive skincare treatment for your intimate area. Is it sensible or rather risky?

Skincare spa treatments are not limited to the face; they are also available for the female intimate area. A gynecologist explains what this entails.

After a tough week, on your birthday, or just whenever you need a little self-care, a facial - an extensive skincare treatment for the face - can work wonders. Facials can provide more glow, clearer skin, or an extra dose of moisture, depending on your needs. And now, you can book similar skincare packages for your intimate area.

In Switzerland, these are called "Vagacials," and some cosmetic studios already offer them, with a cost of just over 100 Swiss Francs. We spoke with Dr. med. Johanna Janku, a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, about when such a treatment makes sense and what you should consider.

Misleading Name

"The name of the treatment is misleading," says Janku. "The 'Vagacial' combines the words 'Facial' and 'Vagina,' but it doesn't actually involve the vagina itself. The vagina describes the part of the female reproductive system that leads from the uterus outward. It has a sophisticated vaginal flora and excellent self-cleaning capabilities. To avoid disturbing the acidic pH balance in this area, one should not intervene here."

In reality, a Vagacial treats the vulva, the external part of the genital organs, as well as the areas around this region, such as the pubic mound or the inner thighs in the bikini area.

What Happens During the Treatment

The specific steps of a Vagacial may vary depending on the studio. Common procedures include hair removal in the bikini area, addressing ingrown hairs, and cleansing the skin. Some salons even offer a steam bath that clients can use to clarify their skin and help with impurities. Exfoliation and moisturizing masks are also typically part of the treatment.

Is All of This Necessary? "No. The goal is to achieve soft skin in the genital area to enhance comfort. While the treatment can be useful for issues like ingrown hairs, it is not necessary."

What Are the Risks of Vagacials?

Dr. Janku warns, "Those who opt for a Vagacial should not try to save money on it or attempt the treatment with self-purchased kits available online." Even the sequence of the steps poses risks. "Applying a peel immediately after waxing can cause skin irritation and pain. In the case of a steam bath, insufficient distance can lead to the risk of burns."

Especially in the sensitive genital area, you should avoid experimentation. The expert recommends visiting a provider where you feel comfortable and safe. It's important to be aware of what you want to achieve with the treatment. For serious skin conditions in this area, you should consult a specialized dermatology or gynecology practice.

Author: Malin Mueller - 20min

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