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About us

With various counseling and therapy approaches, Oh yes baby yes offers women, men, and couples better access to a self-confident, enjoyable, and pleasurable sexuality.


Johanna Janku founded "Oh yes baby yes" in July 2022. The company was created out of the motivation that the founder wanted to offer her patients more support beyond the gynecological consultation for topics related to sexuality.

We want to encourage women to:

  • accept themselves and their bodies

  • break out of outdated behavior patterns,

  • live out their own individuality and sexuality, and

  • find their own voice to express what they like.

Johanna Janku Bio

Johanna Janku

Gynecologist and sex therapist

As a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics (FMH), Johanna Janku is responsible for the broad spectrum of gynecology. She completed her medical studies at the University of Cologne and subsequently obtained her USMLE in Chicago, USA. 


Since 2014, Johanna Janku has been living in Switzerland, where she completed her residency at the University Hospital of Zurich and acquired a broad knowledge of gynecology, obstetrics, and gynecological endocrinology. After obtaining the diploma DAS Sexual Medicine/Therapy at the University Basel, she also offers individual and couples counseling on their sexuality. In an additional educational program at the Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology and Sexual Therapy, she is expanding her knowledge further in the concept of the Sexocorporel.


The focus of her activities is always on the individual needs of the patient. The patients shall achieve the best possible treatment outcome throughout all stages of their lives, taking their own decisions into account.

Her native languages are German and Romanian. She is also fluent in English, Hebrew and French.


Our goal is to help our clients identify their desires, needs, and fears so that they can find a fulfilling partnership and sexuality.

Stanislava Gregor.png

Stanislava Gregor is a systemic psychologist. Previously she worked as a social worker. She has lived in Switzerland since 1981 and studied psychology at the AAI Alfred Adler Institute in Zurich and at the IIP Institute for Integrative Psychology and Pedagogy. After her studies she worked in a psychiatric practice for several years.


Due to her professional background, Stanislava Gregor has many years of experience in the social field, psychotherapy, and coaching. In individual counseling she helps with the management of depression, psychosomatic illnesses as well as adaptation in crisis situations, and crisis intervention after a trauma. 


She specializes in systemic integrative therapy for couples and supports them in conflict resolution and problems in couple sexuality.


Her native languages are German, Czech, and Slovak. She also speaks Russian and English.

Stanislav Gregory

Psychologist and couple therapist

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